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Year 6!

This is where you can come and find out about all of the exciting events and important dates we have planned in Year 6. This page will be updated weekly with news on the children's learning and what we plan to cover the following week.


Meet the Team!

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Miss Hewson

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Miss Newsholme


Support Staff: Mrs Cooper, Mrs Smith, Miss Thomas


Important Information

  • Both the SATs and the spelling evening information PowerPoints can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • A big thank you to all that came and supported the Children In Need cake sale on Friday after school. Lots of money was raised for a fantastic cause.
  • Children are invited to bring in their named trainers to wear for our Move to Improve session each day.
  • A reminder that children should wear their school uniform every day apart from Friday as it is their P.E day and Wednesday if they are taking part in an active curriculum enrichment group.


Key Dates




1st December- Winter Wonderland

6th December- Bedtime stories

12th December- Christingle service

14th December- Governors Awards

15th December- Christmas Carols and Enterprise Fair

15th December- Last day of school.


This year children will not receive a list of spellings to learn each week. As part of our spelling program the children will focus on spelling rules each week which will be recorded on the VLE. Children can then practice words with these rules with you at home and on Fridays we will test the children on words containing the chosen spelling rule for the week.


Our spelling program will be looking at homophones which end in 'ce or 'se

e.g. advice, advise, device, devise, practice, practise, licence, license.


The week ahead in year 6!



Week Beginning 21.11.2016


We continue to explore fractions; deepening our learning when exploring fraction word problems.



 We will be exploring homophones in grammar and looking at how these can be used in sentences.

In topic we will be exploring the Declaration of Independence in America in 1776. We will be considering each of the major, influential people involved and how they felt in the situation.


Converting document.


Over the next week the children will be reminded of their SPaG logins. Children will access this website from home and complete the tasks set each week. Spelling and Grammar are really important in Year 6 and we strongly urge you and your child to access the website weekly.

Accelerated Reader Information!




Please see the powerpoint below from our pre-season training to find websites that will be useful to support your child at home.

Please remember...




PE is going to be on a Friday. Children must wear full school PE kit. This is black shorts/black jogging bottoms, white t-shirt (with or without the school logo), black tracksuit jumper.



Please can all parents remember to send children into school with a coat each day (waterproof if possible). P.E lessons and playtimes still take place in the winter weather so it is essential that children bring a coat, even if the weather looks fine in the morning, as this can change throughout the day. Many thanks for your support.


Book bags

As previously mentioned, children bringing rucksacks to school is creating tripping and Health & Safety hazards. All children have a small locker to put their book bags in each day.  If you do not wish to purchase a book bag, a carrier bag with your child’s name on it will be adequate.  Lunch boxes should go on the lunch trollies and if children require PE kit to change into for an end of day sports club, this can be brought in in a carrier bag that can be put into the child’s locker.  This should not cause too many difficulties for parents, but will make this much safer for our children in school.







Please see below for alternative questions you could ask your child about their day when they come home from school...


Please see the document below for all the sentence structures we will continue to explore with the children over the Autumn Term. For now we are focussing on 2A sentences, de:de sentences, 3-ed sentences, and noun+w sentences.


Literacy and Numeracy this term






This website page will be updated every week to give you information about what your child will be learning the following week.

PE - Our PE day will be on a FRIDAY - please remember to come into school in your full school PE kit on Fridays. Children should not wear jewellery to school on a PE day, and stud earrings that cannot be removed will need to be taped for the lesson 


Snack Time - In year 6, children are able to bring in fruit or vegetables (sorry no cereal bars or fruit winders!) for their break time in addition to what is in their lunchbox. All snacks should be taken into class in the morning as the lunch trolley will be sent to the hall during registration.


Important Reminder....

As you will be aware, we have a number of children in school who are very allergic to nuts and nut products. For these children if they come onto contact with a nut product, they can suffer life threatening consequences.This could be by touching a table where a child has eaten who had a nut or nut product in their food, or touching a door handle which has been touched by a child who has eaten a nut product and had traces on their hands. As a result, we would like to remind all parents that if you are providing your child with a lunch from home, please could we request that you support us in keeping all children safe, by ensuring that no food items contain nuts or nut products. Thank you for your continued support