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At Oxley Park we have introduced Sport Academies to help us compete and be the best we can be in the sports festivals we participate in.

A typical academy will run before school from 8am - 8:30am.  Letters will be given out before the academy starts to all children interested in taking part in the sport we are competing in. Children will arrive at the academy and receive high quality training and guidance from our sports coaches.  At the end of the week the sports coach will look to see which children have excelled in the academy and be selected for the festival.

In some cases an academy will run for 2 weeks before the events, after one week of intense training a team will be selected and for the second week will focus on the selected children to give them the best chance of progressing in the festival.

We believe this is the best way of givivng Oxley Park Academy the best chance of being as successful as possible in competitive sports events.


The sports team