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When I started in my new post I was given the remit of looking at parental engagement. We had been working closely with a company called Helen Sanderson looking at personalisation and development of our one page profiles. I was to take on a new project called ‘Working together for change’. I was nervous, as this was going to also be a big learning curve for me. I knew all about getting parents in, inviting them to assemblies and those things but what about getting all parties involved in helping to make decisions to move the school forward.

The first thing I had to do was to collect data about what parents thought about the school. This was organised into 3 questions

  • What works well?
  • What could we do better?
  • What is important for the future?

Although the response to the questionnaire wasn’t huge, we got lots of information and lots of parents wanted to be involved in the working party. This was great but also a little daunting. Would the process work? Would people be honest?

Initially we held 3 meetings to try to sort through data and the parents acted as the parental voice for the whole school, analysing not only their own views but views of all the parents who had sent in the questionnaires. Together they came up with common themes and statements. It was really interesting and there was lots of great discussion generated. We created an action plan at our second meeting, which in consultation with Cathy led to many changes taking place in school.

We are now in our second year of the project and I still find it really rewarding to work closely with the parents of our wonderful school

Deb Frayne-Johnson

Assistant Principal


Friday 10th July 2015 - Update

This week has seen the first stage of our Working Together for change Party. Parents met with Deb Frayne-Johnson, our assistant principal to look at the results of our parent questionnaire. Please look under our community section and parental engagement for further details of the group and the work they do.