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Every morning we do our Oxley Hacka…..


“At Oxley Park we aim to be,

The most amazing we can be.


Time for work, but time to dream,

We make the fantastic team.


There’s no one else that’s quite like me,

But working together what a difference we’ll see.


I know that I can have my say,

To smile and have fun every day.


Listening ears and bright young minds,

Make us all the learning kind.


 Times of quiet, times of rest,

We will always do our best.


Dream Believe Achieve


Dream Believe Achieve



The Oxley Park Hacka

The Hacka was initially created as a positive affirmation which the whole Oxley team could share each morning, beginning the day vocalising how great we could all aspire to be.  It aims to articulate all the beliefs that we held dear as a new school, “to dream, believe and achieve together” as well as “I am wonderful but together we are awesome”

It aimed to draw upon the current initiatives of the time, particularly Brain gym.

The movements of the Hacka directly draw upon Brain gym exercises

Cross Crawl: many of the Hacka movements include moving across the lateral mid line, taking a hand across the body and touching the opposite side.  This helps with spelling, writing, listening, reading and comprehension by coordinating the left and the right brain

Brain buttons: This is the action that fits with the line – there’s no one else that’s quite like me…. This action requires you to position one hand in a L shape, placing index finger and thumb onto the slight indentations below the collar bone , pressing lightly  on each side of the sternum. At the same time the other hand goes over the navel and is gently pressed.  This exercise increases blood flow to the brain, in combination with water the extra blood flow switches the brain on and improves attention required for learning and performing

Thinking caps: links to the line – I know that I can have my say……Using your thumb and index finger gently pull and unroll the outer part of the ear, starting from the top and ending at the lobe.  Pull the lobe gently.  This exercise helps with spelling, short term memory, listening ability and abstract thinking                                                                                              

Hook ups: linked to the lines - times of quiet, times of rest, we will always do our best….This exercise requires you to cross the right ankle over the left.  The elbows are bent out and the fingers turn inwards towards the sternum.  At this point deep breathing will help to create a feeling of calm.  This exercise improves mood and lessens anxiety