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School reversible waterproof fleece / coat - optional

Long grey school trousers

Blue polo shirts

Burgundy school sweatshirt

Black school shoes

Grey / black socks

Summer Grey trousers or shorts, Blue polo shirts.



School reversible waterproof fleece / coat - optional 

Grey skirts, pinafores or grey school trousers

Burgundy school sweatshirt or cardigan

Blue polo shirts

Black school shoes

White socks or grey tights

Summer Checked pale blue dresses or Grey skirts or pinafores with blue polo shirts. 


Indoor P:E: White T shirt and Black shorts. Children will work in bare feet in the hall to encourage the correct development and for safety reasons.

Outdoor P:E: Plain black sweat top/hoodie & black jogging bottoms.  No stripes or logos.  Trainers.  Children must wear jogging bottoms, not leggings or ¾ length pedal pushers 


Year 6:

Children wear a school blazer, blue shirt and tie with grey trousers/skirts.


Uniform items embroidered with our school logo can be purchased from ShirleyMK, a small local company.  However, it is not compulsory that children wear uniform bearing our school logo.  Plain, light blue polo shirts and plain, crew neck burgundy sweatshirts/cardigans can widely be purchased quite inexpensively from many retailers, including Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Asda. 

If you require further information regarding our embroidered school uniform, or wish to download an order form, please visit the www.shirleymk.biz Website.  Alternatively you can contact Theresa on 01908 340589 or email: theresa@shirleymk.biz 

Please ensure you name all items of clothing including PE kit

Jewellery, except watches and stud earrings, is not worn in school.