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At Oxley Park our pupils' views are valued and help shape the strategic direction of our school.

We have the following groups:

The M.A.D.D. group- M.A.D.D . is a special team who work together on lots of different enterprise projects to raise money for different charities. These normally run on special days called MAD Days.

The School Council- this is made up of elected representatives of each class from Year 3 upward. They meet on a regular basis and their key focus is working on ideas PUPILS have to make our school better.  This is run by Mrs Wiles.













School Council Reports - 

School Council Meeting 22/4/16 - Present: Owen, Poppy, Alisha, Remey, Thomas, Daniel, Zaemma, Luke, Archie, Donovan, Molly, Gracie. Mrs Wiles.

Points from our last meeting were read and we discussed what has changed as a result of our meeting.

  1. School web page now has a page about who the School Council are and what we do.
  2. The school took part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch- which was enjoyed by all year groups.
  3. Year 5 have added maths games for their children to play online to their Home learning page on the school website.
  4. More year groups reported use of worry boxes- but some classes still don’t have
  5. Curriculum Enrichment on a Wednesday afternoon now offers fishing and other new activities to try out.
  6. Year 5 have also been to Dominos to make Pizzas

Points raised at this meeting:

  1. Hot dinners- children say they can’t always find somewhere to sit. Older children said that the floor is often a mess with food by the time they get there.
  2. A bigger lost property box was requested to keep the front entrance looking tidy. We discussed importance of all children naming their clothing and it was agreed that Holly King would check it weekly for named articles and return to classes.
  3. Mufti-days – children would like more of these
  4. Toilets- upstairs and downstairs boys toilets don’t have any soap and haven’t for some time! Children also complained about taps being left running in toilets. We discussed importance of saving water and cost of water bills for the school.
  5. It was requested that Mrs Wiles set up a meeting with another school’s council so they could discuss what they do with each other.
  6. To help raise money for school the children would like to look after a stall at the School Fete- Toy Tombola was requested.

Mrs Wiles told children that she would share the feedback with Mrs Higgins and the Leadership Team and the teachers and get back to them at our next meeting.

Food Bank Visit: During November the school council had a trip to the local Food Bank in Stacey Bushes.  We visited to gain experience on how it was like and to take a glimpse into their life as a volunteer.  Before we started, one of the volunteers gave us a talk about the food packs they offer, and the importance of the food bank within our community.  Afterwards, Year 5 & 6 gathered up the items needed for a children's food pack, they even received an advent calendar.  Whilst Year 5 & 6 were picking up items and putting them in bags ready for collection, Years 3 & 4 sorted generous donations of food into the correct boxes.  After that we all went into the group room to discuss what we did.  Overall we had a great afternoon and we are so grateful of the work the Food Bank has, and will do, in Milton Keynes - Molly & Donovan.

Fireworks Night 2015: After the schools 10th birthday celebrations, we had an extra treat to round off the great day we all had.  For the schools 3rd annual fireworks night, school council had planned a stall in the hall.  A few days before the event the school council representatives made chocolate apples in the Hub with Mrs Cooper.  Although they were easy to make, the design was very effective which helped sell them all.  On the night, two representatives turned up and started selling them, they flew off the shelves!  We are hoping to spend the profit we made on amazing items for the school - Molly.

Christmas Fayre: On Saturday 5th December, the school council representatives ran a tombola stand in the hall.  We had many attractive prizes, including teddy's, scented candles, toiletries, arts & crafts, bags and home-ware items.  We were busy throughout the day, and getting a raffle ticket which ended in a 0 or a 5, the winner waited in anticipation, as we found their prize.  This was a game in itself!  At 2pm we all left and went home, happy knowing that we had been successful and everybody was happy with their prizes - Molly.

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO's) - this group of children from Year 6 have a mission to make our school more aware of the dangers of traffic and to promote road safety and safer parking outside the front of the school.  JRSO's will be outside the front of the school on most Monday and Friday mornings in their Hi-Viz Vests.  We hold termly assemblies and make newsletters for the children to read in school.  This is run by Mr Smith.

The Park Rangers - these are a group of dedicated Year 5 pupils who work in conjunction with The Parks Trust, helping promote the knowledge and usage of local parks and their surrounding environments.  The Park Rangers attend frequent events run by The Parks Trust, giving presentations, both in school and at The Parks Trust HQ.  The work that the Park Rangers carry out can be seen on their display board within school and by reading their 'Ramblings' magazine. This is run by Mr Oldfield.

The Pupil Research Group - Mrs Higgins thinks it is important that we all work together to keep making our school better and better. This group is made up of children from Year 4 upwards and meets several times a year to think about some important questions about our whole school and the things we do in our school.  They look at questionnaire results, parent and pupil feedback etc.  This is run by Mrs Higgins.

Working Together For Change –WTFC – The pupil research group, run by Mrs Frayne-Johnson will be joined by representatives of the Governing Body, FOOPs and staff working with Helen Sanderson Associates on the analysis of information provided about:

  • What is working well at OPA
  • What could be better
  • What I would like to see in the future